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Personally yours, from the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference

It’s Monday afternoon and I have finally cleared my e-mail, spoke to a partner, posted a session recap/guest blog post (with three more in the que), and realize I have not personally provided any major content about the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual conference last week, except for my Twitter feed. Looks like I’m skipping the gym today.

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First of all, the LMA annual conference is exactly what Tim Corcoran, our president, described in his opening remarks: part educational & networking conference, part family reunion, part high school reunion. And we all know who the crazy uncle is.

There are so many layers to the LMA annual conference, that when I look at the conference from each individual pair of eyes, I find that it only tells one side of the story.

Family reunion: It was wonderful to see so many of my former colleagues from across my career in legal marketing. Kevin McMurdo from Perkins Coie, Ellen Musante and Corey Garver from my Pillsbury days. Not to mention all the current and former committee and task force members I have worked with throughout the years at both the local and international levels.

High School reunion: Some of my closest and dearest friends I have met through LMA. While we are in constant contact via Facebook, getting to see one another live is beyond measure. We have actually started to form an “after prom” event so we can focus on our business and networking while at the conference, knowing we’ll have our personal social time once the conference ends.

Scenes from an LMA Conference

Education & networking: Really, there is no better place in the industry for marketing professionals to gather. We are a strange breed, and only in LMA are “competitors” so open and willing to share, help one another as we traverse this road, mentor one another, and on board new legal marketers.

One of my favorite slides, ever, from Matt Homann

One of my favorite slides, ever, from Matt Homann

This year I found the two most powerful sessions, for me, to be the first and the last I attended.

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Heading to Orlando for LMA? How’s the SWAG?

Well, it’s that time of year. The legal marketing community is headed off to the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference. The conferences keep getting bigger and better. Pretty soon we’ll be saying goodbye to conference hotels, and hello convention centers.

A few things to note:

  1. Whether or not you are attending the conference, or have a Twitter account, the hashtag to follow is #LMA14.
  2. I am still looking for anyone who would like to help blog on sessions. Just send me a message on Twitter @heather_morse.
  3. I know EVERYONE reading this will be in my session on Generational Marketing with Jonathan Fitzgarrald on Thursday. It’s a competitive time slot, so I will forgive you if you attend any of the other sessions. Especially if you write a recap for this blog. LMA Session
  4. Don’t just bring your business cards. Immediately connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Half the conference is about networking and building relationships. Don’t miss out on that.
  5. Start making your connections now. The conversation and connections have already begun on Twitter.
  6. The LMA Technology Committee will have a couple tables set up at the Friday Networking Lunch. I’ll be there, along with my co-chair, Laura Toledo. Stop by and say hi. We’ll even buy you lunch :D.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes.
  8. Oh, and rumor has it that a group of us are staying over on Friday to get our social time in with friends. You’re welcome to join us.

I’ll see you at the kick-off reception Wednesday night. Looking forward to the #Swag and Passport to Prizes.


Session Recap: Generational Marketing (video)

Thanks to the folks at Spark Media Solutions for doing a great round of post-session interviews after our presentation, Generational Marketing: Strategies and tactics for engagement with Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.They really picked up on the main themes of our session, and provides a great recap of our session.

Jonathan Fitzgarrald and I appreciate the feedback we received, and look forward to presenting next week in Orlando at the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference.

BIG IDEAS Brought to Life: LMA-LA Continuing Marketing Education Conference

CME_logo Full disclosure: I’m on the conference committee of the Legal Marketing Association Los Angeles Chapter‘s annual Continuing Marketing Education (CME) Conference: BIG IDEAS Brought to Life.

I am very proud of the conference, the quality of speakers, the topics, and I cannot wait for the West Coast premier of the Legal Mocktail presented by Catherine MacDonagh and Roberta Montafia.

While I was on the LMA-LA board (2001-2004) I started this one-day conference to bring to our local members, especially our coordinators and managers, ideas from our annual conference.


LMA-LA’s Big Board of Prizes.
Can’t win if you don’t register.

To see something you started in the training room at LexisNexis grow into its current incarnation is inspiring.

When we say “Big Ideas” we’re not joking. In a TED-style format (1 hour topic sessions. 4 speakers @ 15 minutes.) you will hear new and inspiring ideas. With our networking breaks, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and expand upon those ideas.

Thank you to all the speakers who are taking the time to come to the program and bring us such great content. Thank you to the sponsors who make it possible. Thank you to Jonathan Fitzgarrald for inviting me to join the committee. He is always so hard to say no to when he calls.

I hope to see many of you there. If you cannot attend, please make sure to pass along the links to your local marketing professionals.

Why yes, Amy, I did learn two new things

After PartySpoke on a panel yesterday with Adrian Lurssen and Molly Potter on content marketing. Adrian Dayton was the ring-leader. Lots of good folks in the room.

Adrian D. kicked things off with a giant piece of paper on each table asking us to write down what we hoped to get out of the program.

From our table Amy Knapp threw out: “I want to learn two new things.”

As we were all presenting from our table, our knowledge base was different than the rest of the room, and I wondered if I would actually learn two new things.

However, I always say that I define a program as successful if I can walk away with one new ACTIONABLE idea.

I came away with three new things:

  1. Google Authorship. Seriously. What rock have I been sleeping under? Kevin O’Keefe wrote about it way back in March here. Time to play catch up.
  2. Clicky: Web Analytics in Real Time. I originally hosted The Legal Watercooler on Blogger and got great analytics, including the name servers visiting my site. When I switch over to WordPress a few years ago, I lost that feature in my analytics. Amy shared about Clicky and before I left the room yesterday I had added it to my blog. So watch out. I can see you again.
  3. Adrian L. simplified a concept into one sentence that resonated with me, and something I am sharing with the lawyers at my firm who blog: Blog titles should tell the reader WHY they should open up and read the post, not WHAT they are going to read. It’s not that I didn’t know this. I just needed to hear it this way.

So, all in all, very successful program.

Prospecting for Clients

Oh, those crazy kids over at Law Firm Satire are at it again. This time, an homage to Ken Burns inviting you to the LMA-Bay Area Technology Conference.

What happened at LMA won’t stay there

Well, I am back in the office and digging through my e-mails, trying to figure out what I missed out on, and, yet, I am still going back and checking the Twitter stream because I am not yet ready to move on from what happened at the LMA Annual Conference.

In fact, I get to run upstairs today and see Toby Brown and Aleisha Gravit give a presentation on Pricing, Profitability and the Role of Marketing.

I’m making a list of all the blog posts I should write. Hopefully I’ll get to some of them.

Already pow-wowing with LMA leaders in LA and San Francisco on what we can bring back from LMA’s annual conference for our local members. I would encourage ALL of us to do the same.

Side note: And, if you are not an LMA “leader” yet, watch your in-boxes over the summer for “calls for nominations” to join your local chapter’s board of directors and committees.

Already thinking about next year’s conference in Orlando and have blocked my calendar for April 2-4, 2014 (and we are NOT at a Disney property). As I will not be on the conference committee, or the board of directors, I am eligible to submit a program for consideration. Woo hoo!!

And I’m loving my new mugs and t-shirts! If you didn’t get a chance to purchase one at LMA, contact Nathalie Daum and she’ll hook you up (no cost to ship!).

LMA Mugs

$15 for t-shirts
$6 for mugs
$45 for polo shirts

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