Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Piper – Thought the movie was funny, but a bit scary in the beginning. In retrospect, she’s ready to go see it again … but covered her eyes during the first Medusa scenes.

Katie – According to Katie, if you have a problem with small types of violence and scary, then you shouldn’t see this movie. If you don’t have problems with violence and scary, and really like Greek Mythology, then you will like this movie a lot.

Heather – I really enjoyed the movie. I haven’t read the books yet (Katie has lent them out to her friends … grrr), but I didn’t feel that I lost anything because of that. Piper was a bit scared in the beginning, and I was worried that she’d want to leave, but she held in there and by the end of the movie was laughing about the scene (Medusa) that scared her in the beginning.

I also like that the movie has inspired Katie to delve deeper into Greek Mythology to learn more.

Official movie website

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