What Does Your Twitter Profile Say About You??

I’m taking a vacation day, waiting for the “early morning low clouds” to burn off before heading out to the pool, so what better time to catch up on my Twitter Followers and see, well, who should I follow??

I follow people whom I believe would be interested in my message: fellow legal marketers, lawyers, service providers, consultants, and others connected to the legal industry;  those in marketing, business development, PR, communications, etc. sectors for other industries; news outlets and political pundits; and stuff/people I find funny or provide me personal value.

To identify these people, I depend on their profiles. With bit.ly I can just hover over a profile in Twitter.com (not Tweetdeck) and the profile pops up.

So, what does your profile say about you? Here’s mine:

legal marketer, mom, girl scout leader, 80s music chick, GF to Sports dude, Go Dodgers!! Tired

This mini-profile says a lot. It lets you know what I do for a living and it gives you insight into my personal interests. If my goal is to create personal connections, well, the follower has several choices here, each of which can begin a conversation. Your profile is searchable, so put search terms in there.

Here are a few profiles that I passed on today:

  • Everything about coaching and more…. msg me sometime
  • Social Media Marketer – Ask for a FREE social Media marketin…
  • Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor,
  • Startup Weekender, Idea Igniter, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Autho…
  • i am working on a large project to utilize my skills
  • Get SEOPower WordPress Plugin For Free
  • I Energise people and liberate talent – career change with

Not ONE of these profiles gives me any insight into the PERSON tweeting. They’re all about what they WANT from me … which is business. There’s nothing here that I can identify with, connect to, or find of interest.

I’ll also skip anyone with “diva” or “guru” in their profile, unless they are being sarcastic, because I like sarcasm.

If you want me to follow you, tell me a bit about who you are. Your profile can also let me know why are you interested in me? We might be in different business sectors, but share in common being Girl Scout leaders (comes in handy during cookie-hell season), or maybe we’re both Dodgers fans and we can bemoan the McCourts together and the hell they’re causing the Blue Crew.

And then there are all the people who have NOTHING in their profile, or protect their profiles. Go away. #fail.

3 thoughts on “What Does Your Twitter Profile Say About You??

  1. I got a follow from a new one today: “certified empowerment coach.”

    I wonder if there’s an American College of Empowerment. The Empowerment Institute? Society of Professional Empowerers?

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